West Point Road Mini Storage
West Point Road Mini Storage


Several of our self storage customers have used the space out front to sell their vehicles.  We are on U S Highway 29 going toward West Point, GA. so there is quite a high traffic count.


It is amazing how fast a car can be sold.  One of our storage customers brought their Mustang to be sold and within 30 minutes there were three buyers wanting to buy it.  We thought that was fast until another customer brought a Saturn in on his trailer and was getting ready to unload it.  A buyer was driving by and bought it before the car was unloaded off of the trailer!!




Recently another renter was telling us about her experience using the yard sale space under the canopy out front.  She and her sister started to set out their sale items on Friday afternoon for a Saturday sale.  People started coming in off the road as soon as they saw their items.  They got so busy they stayed till after dark, went after dinner, and come back and slept in their vehicles and resumed their sale at dawn.



Another young husband and wife who had no experience with yard sales, decided to have one at the storage units. 
They started setting our their stuff around 7 AM Saturday. The people started coming in so fast they never did get all of their stuff moved out to the canopy.  They had the customers coming to their storage unit.



If you're an old car buff, especially Ford Model A's, stop in for a chat with Taylor.  We have frequent visitors that come by in the older cars. 

Taylor has several restoration projects in the shop.  A 1931 Ford Model A Panel Delivery truck has been in the shop for several years and is now road worthy.





1931 Model A Panel Delivery Truck

Model 79B


This is how it came.

1931 Model AA Dump Truck



Now it's ready to go!



A new project for the COVID quarantine years arrived.

A doodlebug with a Model A engine/transmission and

???? what else.



Ready for work!

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